Floorshow Running Order


1. MC intro history.

“ - - ‘Horse’ Ward on the 88 and our chorus John Bishop, Phil Grummett and Mick Muecke ''


2. Medley Sparkling Burgundy and Be Your Age.


3. MC intro

“ -- taking the piss out of upper class poms. Joining our chorus of diplomats are Bay Collison and Dave Seaton.”


4. Diplomats Song


5. MC. intro.

“ - - who had a late teenage growth spurt in the dressing room. Here are

Richie Gunn. Paul Stewart and Master Alexander McLeay ''


6. Jockeys Lament.


7. MC intro

“ --in Be Your Age we learned of the sexual dilemmas that beset a couple of infants ''


8. Freudian Rabbits


9. MC intro

“ - - joining our chorus as technical advisor and historical consultant is Mr

Gordon Bilney ''


10. Sex, Religion and Politics.


11. MC intro

“ – to help our new chorus of Sue Lawrence, Anne Dibden and Meredith Bowman to remind us that, Strictly Between Us, the secret to being socially successful in 1960 was travel.”


12. Just Home From Abroad.


13. MC intro

“ –South Pathetic set in Antarctica. Giving a lovely outing for the chorus of pining penguins, Mike Noblett, John Potter, Bob Lott and Mark Coleman.”


14. Some Antarctic Evening.


15. MC interrupted by EECP who sings Out Of This World.


“ – a lovely audition Eddy. You can play one of the juveniles opposite Hayley Mills. (EECP exits, saying “But I know another bit!”)


16. MC intro.

“ –future that was to befall him. Viewers are warned that the following scene contains Gordon Bilney.”


17. Political Bus Ticket Speech.


18. MC intro

“ –megatons rather than inches. So even Christmas carols glowed in the dark.”


19. Carol for the 60’s


20. MC intro

“ –we could all have been blown out of this world by some lunatic from Texas.”


21. Texas Rangers.


22 MC intro

“--- and there was even an Alexander Downer who was confronted by Mr. Menzies in a European house of ill repute.".


23. A Wandering Minister I


24. MC intro

“---age old problems where sex was the original sin and we were waiting for someone to cast the first stone."


25. That's The Way The World Goes round.


26.MC intro

“---we were not averse to plunging into the depths of music hall."


27. Spaghetti and Meatballs.


28. MC intro

“---a sweet ballad slipped into the program to give our budding musos some exercise. As this Blott on a Weslean manuscript will demonstrate."


29 AIice at the Wonderland.


30. MC intro

"---which ended as usual with a shootout and everybody dead. - Get Six strong men who don't mind a bit of a smell. Bear him thither. Hamlet's gone to the last great roundup."


31. Hamlet Jones.


32. MC intro

“---if only Shakespeare had really lived in Texas- -I'm sorry I meant Wyoming - oh Gawd too late,"


33. Texas Rangers reprise.


34.MC intro

"---from the ridiculous we moved on to whimsy and the surreal and in 1964 sang of the inner life of a rocking horse."


35. To Catch a Rocking Horse.


36. MC intro

"---t in 1960 we happily recited a litany of all the things that were prohibited, - but that we did all the same."


37. Absolutely Bugger All.


38. MC intro

“---please listen reverently to the chorus as we render a finale with neither a Bang nor a Whimper. The Latest Bergin and Ward showstopper. No more. No exit. No refund. Not drowning, Not waving. Simply fading away."


39. Simply Fading Away.


40 MC. Thankyous and acknowledgements


Writers right of reply

Invitation to choral karaoke in the corner.